Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Little Fun

This semester I decided to decorate my room a little more and liven things up a bit. One of the things I brought with me was a metal dog that I used to keep in my Campus Ministry office. I decided to put in the hallway outside my room as a decoration of sorts. Well soon after doing that he kept disappearing and reappearing in different places and doing different things. It has been hilarious to watch and great to participate in. One morning he will be in my room, the next he will end up messing with someone's trash, on their computer, or watching animal planet in the lounge. Having the dog has helped to build community on our hallway as we journey together and watch the story line of a little metal dog unfold.

Fetching a copy of Ora et Labora, the House Newspaper

Getting Ready to Start the Day

Eating the frame of my door

Dinner time

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