Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Slow Start to the Year

I am not sure what the reason is but this semester is off to a slow start. My classes seem like the will be good, but the workload looks awful hard. Sometimes the workloads line up perfectly and other times they don't. It seems like this semester will be a perfect storm, and not a good one. I know I will get there and that it won't seem have bad the further I get in. In the meantime it is all grindstone.

This week the seminary is abuzz with activity. We enjoyed a wonderful three day weekend and are enjoying a short week as a result. Tomorrow night many of us will head to the National Shrine in Washington, D.C. for the Vigil for Life Mass. For seminarians it is always exciting because over 450 of us are in the procession for Mass, plus 250 Deacons, 800+ priests and 150+ Bishops and Cardinals. Last year only six of us from the seminary went. This year I think we will have over 25 going. I spent much of tonight lobbying the new guys to try and convince them to go (I was successful!).

Friday promises to busy as well as we descend on Washington for the annual March for Life. This year i will be going to an early morning Mass, 8:00am with Trinity Students and some NH pilgrims, priests and the Bishop. I am hoping to be able to spend the day with the Trinity group before retiring to the seminary for a long night's sleep. I am a little worried that the weather is not looking great, but then again that is have the adventure.

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karen bowe said...

glad to hear all is well with you!!! i must apologize for missing the mass you organized. I had to work till 230am (my new hours) and Joe also was working teaching till 830 pm. Looks like you had great turnout!! I will try to send you some cookies!! Have a great semester!! Karen Bowe

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