Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let the Break to Begin!

Let the break begin! I just officially completed my final paper for the second part of our three part summer program. Following 10:30am Mass tomorrow we are off until Sunday evening, and everyone is preparing to head off to exciting places. For my part I will be staying put until Saturday morning when I head north to Yankton, South Dakota to visit the Althoff family. Shaunti Althoff and I taught together in Biloxi, Mississippi for two years and have shared many great adventures. She is a great friend and has an equally adventerous and amazing family. I can't wait to share Independance Day with them all.

This evening a fellow seminarian and myself made Choclate Chip Cookie Sundaes for our entire floor in celebration of the papers being completed. It was great fun and a nice opportunity to hang out with a large and diverse group of guys. Then again who am I kidding any excuse to celebrate, and eat sweet foods is good enough for me.

p.s. Tomorrow I will be sure to post on a powerful and amazing homily we heard recently from an excorcist.

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