Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy Day, Crazy Work

Between now and Easter is crazy time at the Seminary. As there are no real breaks there is a ton of work on the burner. This week I am hoping to write four papers! I completed 90% of one today and will continue plugging away at things later in the week.

Tomorrow will be a crazy day as I will be headed back to New Hampshire to attend a school board meeting at Trinity. I am excited to be going back and to have a chance to finally attend a meeting in person. In the past I have been particpating via speaker phone.

Tomorrow I will be rushing to the airport after class and taking the 500pm flight. At 6:20pm I will run to a waiting car and hopefully arrive just in time to start the meeting with a prayer. Then I will take part in the meeting and take the 6:45am red eye flight in the morning and arrive in time for class to start. Craziness I know, but for Trinity anything.

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Anonymous said...

Hope to be able to connect with you sometime when you come north. I don't have an email for you.
Jess W's Mom

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