Monday, January 19, 2009

Television Here I Come!

This Wednesday evening I will be appearing on national television as an altar server at the National Vigil for Life Mass at the National Shrine in Washington, D.C. This annual Mass on the eve of the March for Life is attended by over ten thousand people and televised around the world thanks to EWTN. I will be prominently featured so stay glued to your tv's and get ready for my latest national media appearance (long live Sharkman).

Now one might ask, how many servers will be there? I would say don't ask silly questions.

One might also ask what do you mean by prominently featured? Details, details

I will be one of hundreds of seminarians in the opening and closing procession on Wednesday night. I was chosen (cough, cough). Now, now it is not like they welcome any seminarians who want to participate and show up or anything. But none-the-less if you watch your televisions Wednesday night, squint real hard you might just see me.

One thing for sure is I am sure my mother will see me on television. She always thinks she sees me on tv, in the newspaper, etc... In June she thought she saw me in the Union Leader, the only problem was when I looked in the paper to check "I" was an overweight woman. Hopefully when you look at television Wednesday night you will see me, or if you don't, atleast mistake me for a professional model.

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