Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Last Minute Journey

Greetings All!

After a long break I am back to the blog. Unfortunately I was away from real computer availability for two weeks, hence the lull in postings. It was a real challenge to be disconnected from the world of technology. I am just back in the seminary now, as classes start tomorrow. I will use the next few days to catch you up on postings including (public speaking 101 at St. Elizabeth Seton Parish, the Long drive Back, Better Late then Never, A New and Improved Room, and the Great Chair Arrival. (also I have not forgotten a few of your emails, please be patient as I catch up!)

- Mr. Nelson

December 30th, 2008

11:00pm I begin to ponder what to do with my free Southwest Airline ticket to
anywhere in the country

11:15pm Realize it expires in two weeks

11:20pm I discover I have no commitments for the next two days

11:25pm Consider all my options

11:30pm Remember that I have friends attending a New Year's eve wedding in Florida

11:35pm Decide I will fly standby the next morning and see if I can enjoy a crazy

11:45pm Frantically pack my bags, while on the telephone reserving a rental car

December 31st

8:00am Wake up

8:15am Still in bed

8:25am Panic realizing I need to get moving or I will miss my flight

8:32am Loading up the car

8:33am Snow on my car, was it supposed to snow?

8:34am Wow, there is a lot of snow!

8:35am I am stuck, look at my wheels spinning in place

8:40am I am cold, wet and moving down the road toward the airport at 5 miles per

8:55am Quick stop at the post office, to mail a very important package to a dear
friend's family

9:10am Arrive at the airport, no time for the economy parking...when did the
garage cost $17.00 per day!

9:11am BITTERLY COLD OUT! Very Windy

9:20am Checked in for the flight (Southwest rocks!)

9:45am I am randomly chosen to have all my things searched, and to receive a "pat

10:30am Seated and relaxing on the plane (note: I am the world's biggest southwest fan, but the one thing I hate is the open seating. If you are late to check in, like I always am, and are last to board, everyone is passive aggressive and does not want you to sit next to them. People always "fill" the middle seat with their things and refuse to make eye contact with you. No matter where you sit someone will hate you for hours, because you "ruined" their flight.)

4:00pm After a stop in Baltimore (ironic I know) I am off the plane in warm, sunny Florida!

4:05pm It is 75 degrees

4:10pm Why do we live in NH again?

4:15pm Summer is nice, but so is Winter, IN FLORIDA!

4:20pm Use free wifi to priceline a hotel (good thing there was room or I am not
sure what I would have done)

4:45pm Arrive at Rental Car Center to pick up my two door glorified golf cart, or
should I say "economy car"

4:56pm Inquire if there are any good upgrades available

4:57pm They say, "why yes, for ten dollars more you can have a brand new ford mustang convertible in red or grey"

4:57:01pm "Red Please"

5:00pm Top Down, 75 degrees, Radio Blaring, Sun Glasses on!

5:45pm Arrive at the Hotel, my lucky streak continues, Brand New, Sweet Room,
Views of the Water ($50)

6:30pm Meet friends for dinner

8:00pm Relaxing at the hotel overlooking the water (friends have gone to the
wedding- it was a non ND wedding so I could not really be a wedding

12:00am Observe a family tradition (originating from our one Swedish ancestor) of
eating Herring at the strike of midnight

12:00:01am Wish I was adopted, or at least born to a nice Belgian family who eats
chocolates instead

January, 1st

7:30am Driving along the Beach!

8:30am Breakfast with friends, followed by a beautiful walk on the beach,
chilling and just taking in what NH does not have, warmth!

10:30am Send texts to people back home, touting the beautiful weather and

10:31am Some unChristlike responses are sent to me in reply

12:00pm Lunch on the beach

2:00pm Drop friends at the airport

2:10pm More driving and warmth

5:00pm Back at the airport

9:30pm touchdown


9:41pm Wish I signed up to be a seminarian for the diocese of Miami or Honolulu,



Nick N said...

hahhhhhhhhh I would have to same that my dad and I are one of those people that love Southwest but fill the middle seat with our jackets and newspaper, and conveniently look out the window or at our feet haha. That's awesome that you got a mustang, my favorite car of all. Must have been nice. I was in Florida over break and how amazing it was! record high's all week long. I feel your pain when you walked out of the Manch airport on the return. Sounds like you had a blast on your crazy, last minute adventure of course haha.

catch you later (i'm procrastinating studying for Ms. Comeau and Mr. Flaherty's midterms right now, don't say anything)

Anonymous said...

I just recieved your letter in the mail today :) I think everyone in my family read every inch of it. I know I even looked at the tinny writting you like to put t the end of paragraphs. I remeber practicing that skill on my final last year :) I am in the middle of midterms right now and can't wait to leave for the march for life on wed.
thank you so much for the letter, and we will be sending cookies down sometime soon. hopefully we will get some of your aunt's to put in there too.
hope to see you soon,

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