Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chrism Mass

Chrism Mass 2012

Father Jason Jalbert (center) gives instructions as the Seminarians look on. Michael Coughlin looks official (left) and Michael Zgonc prepares to ask a question (right)

Before the big Mass Mike Zgonc (right) and I wait for instructions

One of the kindest priests in the diocese, Father Richard Kelley (St. Christopher, Nashua) processes in at the start of Mass.

Bishop Libasci preaches a stirring homily reflecting on the institution of the priesthood and the service of the priests of the diocese of Manchester

The Bishop receives the offertory gifts from my college Spanish professor, Rene Turner, and her beautiful family

Seminarian Michael Coughlin has the unnerving job of carrying one of the giant glass jars of chrism oil. Legend has it that many years ago one of the priests carried the jar into the sacristy and accidentally dropped causing mass chaos as gallons and gallons of oil made the floor a slip-n-side

Deacon Charles Pawlowski, who will be ordained a priest at the Cathedral on June 2nd at 10:00am, incenses the congregation. I am told that the best way to learn how to learn to incense is with a book under your arm that way you do not move too much when swinging the thurible.

The Bishop celebrates Mass, accompanied by the priests of the diocese and deacons Charles and Alan (also to be ordained on June 2nd)

I assist during the distribution of oils to each of the parishes and Catholic institutions in the diocese. Note the camera lens which seems to be protruding from my neck, it is actually belongs to my college roommate Matthew Lomano who is hidden behind me taking pictures for Parable magazine.

The oils distributed during the Chrism Mass are used in parishes for Baptism, Confirmation and the Anointing of the sick.

Seminarian David Harris leads the procession at the end of Mass. Poor David was fighting a cold Tuesday night! David entered the seminary this past fall and is studying at St. John's in Boston

Trinity High School graduate Michael Sartori demonstrates how an expert swings the thurible (the container that holds the incense). Michael has mastered the use of thurible. It sounds funny, but when you are an altar server for a lot of Masses it is a big deal. The hardest part is to swing the thurible without moving your arm.

Note: Mega Thanks go out to Michael Richards of St. Christopher Parish in Nashua for allowing me to post his wonderful pictures! Thanks Michael!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love your commentary Andrew. Looking forward to your ordination!!!
Mary Smart

ronald camire said...

great blog and photos of you and your companions and the services you al took part ,im ron camire from st. joseph in ossipee fr. edmunds

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