Monday, November 7, 2011

Special Guests!

This week we have been blessed to have five priests visiting from New Hampshire (Father Marcos Gonzalez, Father Steve Lepine, Father David Kneeland, Father Jeff Statz, and Father Paul Boudreau). They are down as part of a "new pastors" program being offered by the Seminary. It has been fun to catch up with the guys and to hear their stories of life as young priests. One of the things that I never heard much of before entering the Seminary was the importance of the fraternity of the priesthood. Watching firsthand and getting to know the guys it is powerful to see the special bond that is shared among each other.

Last night we went out for some food at a local restaurant and had lots of fun. It was a nice boost to spirits after a long few weeks. Tonight we spent much of the evening in the Donnelly Lounge, the Seminary's pub/social area. As I post this Father David is locked in a game of ping pong and holding his own. He is also sharing his good cheer and constant laughs with all those around.

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