Sunday, April 3, 2011

Re-Accreditation Roast

The past two weeks have been busy with a flurry of activities. With the end of the semester drawing near the guys in the house have been feverishly working to complete all the large writing assignments that were put off at the beginning of the year. The Seminary hosted the Middle States Accreditation Team last week. The team was making its every tenth year visit to be sure that the Seminary and University were meeting the academic standards needed to be an nationally accredited university. Needless to say there was a lot on the line (like the value of our degrees) and a palpable stress in the air. For the past two years I have been on the steering committee for the visit and have been the designated student representative in the planning and preparation process. Thankfully the accreditors have left and seemed pleased with what they saw.

In celebration of the successful conclusion of their visit and in order to mix things up- I hosted (as part of my job as Community Life/Social Chairman)a "Roast of Re-Accreditation." Immediately following Mass on Thursday the community gathered in the courtyard for a bonfire made up of copies of the report. We gave the fire lighting privilege to a wonderful lay faculty member and father of two.

He put his heart and soul into the report and we wanted to show him we appreciated it. When he lit a report and threw and started the fire, the guys all cheered in appreciation for his efforts and to celebrate his hard work being completed. We also gave him a gift of a beautiful storybook to share with kids, now that he has more free time with them.

Once the fire got cooking we roasted marshmallows over it and made smores. Life is too boring if you don't have some fun!

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