Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am Back! Call me the Godfather!

After an embarrassingly long delay (sorry!) I am back at the seminary. Two Blizzards, One February Vacation, Two Ten Hour Car Trips and Three Papers, later here I stand (actually sit).

This week I have much to catch you up on in the blog, including

1. My Recent Installation as an Acolyte (step on path to priesthood)

2. A Humble Priest and Powerful Witness

3. Exciting Things Happening in the Diocese

4. Oh No I am all set I don't need to practice!

5. Tales of an Ash Wednesday Gone Wrong

6. Sheer Brilliance, Amazing People Making an Amazing Difference

7. Spain for $100

8. The Ancient Order of Hibernians: Take One!

9. Paper, What Paper? Hey where did the book go? Oh no, that's bad real bad!

10. Seminary Madness

Hopefully after a long and rocky start to the blogging year we should finally be up and running again.

Today, however, I would like to dedicate my posting to Miss Erin Elizabeth Flaherty who was welcomed into the world last night. She is an incredibly beautiful baby girl, born to two of my good friends, and SHE WILL BE MY GODDAUGHTER! Being that I am a seminarian and studying for the priesthood and all I cannot have children. Therefore this is the next biggest thing to having a child (having nieces and nephews counts too, but in a different sense). I am excited to be a Godfather, or "the Godfather" and will take my responsibility seriously.

In this day in age I am afraid many people see the role of godparents as ceremonial. The reality is it is not and bears great responsibility. I for one intend to take my role seriously and foster the spiritual care and growth of Erin Elizabeth for a lifetime.

I am excited beyond words and cannot wait for the big day. .

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