Saturday, February 6, 2010


The snow began falling Friday night and has finally stopped. 30+ inches of snow later we are beginning to shovel our way out. As of now I am not quite sure I know where my car is as the drifts have completley covered the cars to the point that you would not know they are there. One of the nice parts of the blizzard has been the fact that we got to sleep in this morning and Mass was moved to 11:30am. After Mass and a quick lunch a bunch of the guys went out to try and reclaim some of the parking lot. With the help of the plow and 15 guys, we were able to clear 3 cars in an hour and half. After that we gave up as there was nowhere to move them to. Below you will find some of the pictures from our day. I will add some more later, as they are shared within the house.

One of the great challenges is that there is nowhere to put the snow. Back to work!

What you don't see are the 40 cars parked in this photo!

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