Thursday, November 26, 2009


Every year I look forward to Thanksgiving and all of the fun that surrond it. Amisdt the chaotic kitchen and crowded living room there is a vibrant buzz that fills our otherwise quiet home. As guests flow in conversations pick up where they left off months and sometimes years earlier. Whatever the case may be there is a real sense of joy and warmth in every corner. This thanksgiving our table was a little quieter than usual. In all honesty it was a lot quieter because someone was missing. My adopted grandmother, Maria Hebert, who has become part of my life for the past seven years was nowhere to be found. She was a character to the highest degree and loved to share wild stories, with all the drama and theatrics a ninety year old from New Orleans could muster. Maria was one of the holiest women I have ever met and one of the most outrageous at the same time. She would spend hours in prayer each day and at the same time use language that would make a trucker blush when describing an annoying neighbor or rival church lady. She was an amazing cook, a good friend and a missed part of our family. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the wonderful seven years of love and friendship I shared with her. I rest in hopeful faith that she has been welcomed into eternal peace with the Heavenly Father.

This Thanksgiving I remember in my prayers

Maria Hebert, friend and "grandmother'
Tyler Coffey, brilliant student, caring, generous and faith filled young man
Mrs. Alger, a loving mom to a good friend

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