Sunday, August 31, 2008


Okay, truth be told I have not had a chance to post pictures yet, I am sorry to report. I am hoping to on Tuesday. Do you ever have one of those days (several in row to be exact) when you aren't sure what you did, that is other than wasting a perfectly good and free day. Well we have had the past three days off and I have done nothing. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH That ahhhhhh is because I know there are a million things I needed to do but didn't. Funny how life is like that. We cram everything all the time and then when we have time we waste it.

On a side note, this morning disaster nearly struck. I was at a local parish for Mass (and to get out of the building) when it happened. When I went to kneel for the consecration and somehow in a way only I can, I threw my glasses off my head. In slow motion I saw them fly across the air and land on the pew in front of me. This normally would not be a problem except I could see the woman in front of me going to sit down. Not sure whether to yell, cover my eyes or pray for a miracle, I risked a horrible ackward and potentionally deadly situation (her husband was huge) and went to grab the glasses. I could just see my luck as the woman sat down on my hand and the husband turned around to see what was going on and strangled me. Luckily I am fast like a cheetah and was able to rescue my glasses before disaster struck. The Mass was beautiful and my glasses are resting comfortably and safely.

Tomorrow is off to Hershey Park for Pray, Reflection and Relaxation or just relaxation.

- pictures coming soon! I promise!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog, but I can see you haven't changed a bit,
but we luv ya anyhow.
A Southerner from Sanbornville.

Cathy W. said...

Mr. Nelson! I miss you so much! However, Mr. Mal rocks. I'm glad to hear that you're surviving, even if you do have to be quiet for two full days! Can't wait to see the pictures!
Love, Cathy

tania l. said...

that is hilarious! you have talent to be fast like a cheetah and rescue your glasses from such peril hahaha! BTW this blogspot is amazing and has obviously been created by a genius. :)

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