Friday, August 29, 2008


Well, some how I made it! I actually survived the silent retreat to my own suprise. I almost went crazy, but I made it. More details to come tonight, I am hungry must go feed my tape worm.

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Elena Ainley said...

I can't even begin to picture a silent Mr. Nelson. Nope...nope, can't do it.

That's amazing. No electronics? Really? I somehow find that hard to believe. None at all? Not even one little text message?

College is going pretty crazily. The first day they taught the entire freshmen class how to juggle just to prove we could. It worked for like 5 seconds...then we all simultaneously lost it. Tonight we learned how to salsa dance. I think WPI is just a big ploy to get us all into the entertainment business. Trying out for a new play tomorrow! Too much stuff to do here. I'm sure you feel the same way. (And I hear you about cozy dorms... I'm living in the most cramped dorm on campus. It's so cramped the bathroom somehow busted through the wall and made it into the middle of the hallway. I tell people where I live and they immediately apologize for my poor luck.)

I can't believe YOU, of all people, are afraid of awkward new beginnings. I'm sure you've made plenty of new friends by now, right? ...Right?

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