Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Has Arrived!

It is hard to believe just how fast time flies. Yesterday afternoon many of my college friends and I gathered for a mini-reunion. After many years apart we decided it was time to gather together as one large group. The day was lively as most all of my friends were now married and had kids. Father Cecil Donahue, OSB, a monk from St. Anselm Abbey where we all went to college, served as the patriarch of the gathering. Father Cecil is an incredible, holy and generous man who has remained a spiritual advisor and friend to us all since our first days on the hilltop. It was a beautiful thing to see him almost as if a proud grandfather to us all. Father Cecil is also quite the charmer and can quiet a screaming baby with just a wink. Luckily amongst our group was Matthew Lomano a local talented photographer, he took a lot of neat photos which I hope to post here soon. In the meantime I am off to celebrate the afternoon in Portsmouth. No amount of rain will spoil the day.

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