Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Whirlwind, Exams and a Retreat!

After a whirlwind trip to Ireland and midterm exams I am finally back to a point where things are begining to settle down a bit. The seven week stretch between February Vacation and Easter Vacation will be a long one with tons of papers and reading. However, with a little work, a lot of grace and a few miracles I think I will get there.

Today I flew up to Manchester to help with a youth retreat. I had agreed to help lead the retreat for St. Anthony's parish last summer. I kept putting off giving them an exact date I could do it on, until I finally had to commit to a time a few weeks ago.

The retreat was for an amazing group of young people with a wonderful spirit and sense of faith. Despite the fact that no high school student wants to go to an all day retreat on a Saturday, they were agreeable and a great group. Lourdes, who works at St. Anthony's was a wonderful host and really made me feel welcome. I also was able to meet Sister Cindy who is working at the parish. She shared an amazing vocation story and had a beautiful way to share her faith. A surprise helper for me was also a young man from Ste. Marie parish named Ben. Ben just returned from volunteering for the Church in Jamaica for over a year.

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