Thursday, August 5, 2010


After two months in the parish, I am finally enjoying few days of vacation. For the next two weeks I have headed north to my family home in Brookfield to hide from the world, put my feet up and take it easy. The nice thing about being in Brookfield is that you are so far away from everyone else you get a free pass from everything. The bad part is you are so far away from everything else. This Sunday I will be headed to Nashua for the Latin-American Festival at St. Aloysius Parish from 1-6pm. I will be in charge of the Cotton Candy machine. Come on by and mention this post and I will hook you up.

Aside from taking it easy I have also been working on designing some uniforms for the St. Mary's Seminary Soccer Team. Last year we competed in a four seminary tournament and were crushed. Now it is one thing to be crushed when playing rivals, it is another thing to look horrible while playing horribly. One of the things we have been discussing at the Seminary is how to build a sense of pride and tradition. Recognizing the need for both the Rector has authorized us to get uniforms for the first time. (last year we looked like the bad news bears). After much searching I will be proposing the following.

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