Saturday, July 17, 2010

Welcome Back!

After the world's longest haitus from blogging I am proud to be back on line. I am not quite sure what has caused my long absence other than a desire to take it easy and relax. The reality is that blogging is ridiculously easy, but never-the-less it easy to fall behind. It is one of those weird things where the longer you put something off the more you realize you should do it, thus you put it off even longer.

My Summer:

This summer I have been assigned to help out at St. Aloysius of Gonzaga parish in Nashua. The parish is a neat little city parish with a diverse mixture of French, Poles, and Hispanics. The result is a tightly knit community with generous hearts. Just over a month ago when I first arrived I was warmly welcomed at every Mass by all the parishoners. Thanks to the suggestion of a good friend I made sure to use humor in my introductory remarks. By poking fun of the pastor and throwing a few barbs the people realized I was fun-loving person.

Since that first weekend I have been busy in tons of different projects ranging from visiting the homebound to door to door evangelization. Each one has taught me much and tired me out. I am excited for a couple weeks off in August before heading back to Baltimore.

This past week I had some extra time on the computer so I made some signs to post around the parish office. On Thursday the signs advertised "Father Daniel's Harvest Festival." Father Daniel, the pastor, has one sad tomato plant which he always forgets to water. So I grabbed a picture and made a poster advertising this important parish event. The staff and I celebrated with harvest pictures, tomato themed foods and many laughs. Sadly the one decreped tomato had a fungus and had to be thrown away.

The other project I worked on was advertising for our upcoming Latin-American Festival (Sunday , August 8th- 1:00-6:00pm). It is amazing what fun you can have with photoshop these days.

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Important Blog News:

Please note this blog will begin being regularly updated after August 21st (when I arrive in Baltimore).